Orthopaedics SA

Dr James McLean is an orthopaedic specialist working with Orthopaedics SA, the largest group of orthopaedic surgical groups in South Australia.

James McLean is a member of the Orthopaedics SA Group, whose members are among the best orthopaedic surgeons in Adelaide. Being one of the largest private orthopaedic groups in Australia, Ortho SA has specialists for all body areas with a wealth of experience, skill and expertise, ensuring that Dr McLean stays up to date with the latest in all orthopaedic surgery.

Ortho SA specialists use arthroscopy, other minimally invasive surgery tools and techniques, and employ the latest in robotic surgery. These techniques minimise interference with healthy tissue so that hospital stays and recovery down times are as short as possible.

Dr James McLean’s particular specialty is upper limbs, shoulders, elbow, wrist and hands, including accident, trauma reconstruction and other emergencies.

For other orthopaedic procedures, find an orthopaedic specialist among Dr McLean’s colleagues at orthosa.com.au

Dr James McLean
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