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Dr James McLean’s clinical practice is dedicated to surgery of the Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist & Hand. He is committed to providing the highest quality service standards for his patients. With over 15 years of surgery experience and more than 1100 upper limb operations per year in recent years, you are in experienced hands.

Dr McLean’s high standards are endorsed by the professional memberships of:

The Australian Shoulder & Elbow Society
- The Australian Hand Surgery Society
The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
- The Australian Orthopaedic Association
The Australian Medical Association

Dr McLean's Quality Guarantees

  • Dedicated, bespoke surgical care of the highest quality, using up-to-date international standards, tailored to your individual needs
  • All operations are performed by Dr McLean
  • All operations are performed in carefully selected, top quality surgery facilities
  • The highest quality and best available implants, sutures, dressings and instruments are used
  • The supportive surgical team is highly trained and of the highest quality
  • No surgeons-in-training are involved in a private patient’s care.
  • Complete post-operative care until your maximal recovery
  • Transparent and clear (financial) documentation
  • Friendly, efficient and professional administrative staff
  • Continued and timely communication with your GP and other health care providers


Dr McLean’s practice charges surgical fees based on recommendations of the Australian Medical Association (AMA). The AMA is the national medical association that analyses the current costs of running a safe private practice and recommends fair and reasonable fees to surgeons.

Recent Medicare changes (July 2021) affect rebates for orthopaedic surgery. Our surgical fees reflect AMA recommended rates to maintain the premium quality of the care provided by our practice.

Even if you have top hospital private health insurance, only a part of the surgical fee will be covered by Medicare and your Private Health Fund. The remainder of the fee is the out-of-pocket cost (gap). The gap closes the difference between the costs of running a safe and efficient practice, and the limited rebates provided by Medicare and the Private Health Funds. To read more [click here].

After booking your surgical procedure, a financial consent document will be issued. This will provide full transparency of the surgical fee and the out-of-pocket costs. In most cases, we will request payment of the gap before the operation takes place. For your convenience, the remainder of the surgical fee will be charged directly to Medicare and your Private Health Fund.

Dr James McLean
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