Dr McLean accepts referrals for
work-related injuries.

WorkCover supervises and governs the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1986 and the South Australian Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Scheme that is established under this act. WorkCover SA is subject to the control and direction of Minister for Industrial Relations, The Hon. John Rau MP.

The WorkCover system functions to provide compensation for injury that occurs in the workplace. The statutory authority is funded by employers to manage the employees fund; assure coverage for work-related injury claims; inspect for entitlements; and oversees the rehabilitation until the worker is healthy and safe to return to work.

WorkCover in NT & SA

An injured worker may be entitled to compensation if:

  • The injury was caused by their work duties or happened in the course of their employment
  • Their employment contributed to a disease or illness, including psychological injury

Depending on the nature of the injury, a worker’s entitlements can include:

  • Weekly payments of income maintenance
  • Medical and associated costs reasonably incurred as a consequence of the injury or illness
  • Lump-sum compensation for non-economic loss (permanent impairment)


The majority of the workers who claim compensation for the treatment will experience nominal interruption and apprehensions. When measured in terms of recovery rate and outcomes across all workers compensation jurisdictions:

  • Almost 80% of injured workers progress candidly
  • Almost 20% exhibit levels of distress and disability, when investigated in relation to initial injury
  • And of the 20%, a further 5% of them proceed to exhibit apparently unequal outcomes where levels of long-term disability and distress cannot be justified by initial injury

The reasons for this difference in outcomes and recovery rates between compensable and non-compensable injuries appear convoluted and some are not well understood. The psychological, social and health provider factors may play a role in the recovery of an injured worker.


NT WorkSafe is the statutory body that assists workers, and businesses in their understanding and obligations under the work health and safety act.

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Dr Mclean can provide a statement of fitness for work certificate, and assist with your return to work process.

ReturnToWorkSA  regulates the South Australian Return to Work scheme, and provides work injury insurance that protects South Australian businesses and their workers in the event of a work injury.

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Dr Mclean can provide a statement of fitness for work certificate, and assist with your return to work process.

Medico-Legal Service

Dr McLean offers a quick and comprehensive service for WorkCover patients. Dr McLean does not provide medico-legal second opinions for patients previously operated on by other Surgeons. It is recommended that patients seek an independent Orthopaedic Surgeon who sub specialises in this area for medico-legal re-assessments.

Reports can be prepared for

  • WorkCover Case(s)

Fees & Charges

  • AMA recommended rates
  • No "out-of-pocket" expenses

Dr McLean does not prepare reports for

  • Second Opinions on patients already operated on by other Surgeons
  • Life Insurance or Income Protection Insurance Claims
  • Other
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