Adelaide Elbow & Arm Surgery Procedures

The following video resources will help you to understand the surgical procedures that may be recommended by Adelaide upper limb surgeon Dr James McLean.

Share them with your family and make sure to contact Dr McLean if you have any further questions.

Also read:

Elbow Ligament (UCL/LUCL) Reconstruction

Diagnosis and treatment options for ulnar collateral ligament and lateral ulnar collateral ligament injuries.   (Graphic - Contains Live Surgery)

Distal Biceps Reatachment Surgery

The Tension Slide Technique with the BicepsButton provides a simple, reproducible and biomechanically stable repair of the distal biceps

Bicep Button Repair

Surgery for reattaching a torn bicep tendon to the humerus (Graphic - Contains Live Surgery)


Distal Biceps Repair

The Tension Slide Technique using a BicepsButton is a minimally invasive surgery to reconnect the biceps tendon to the forearm following a distal biceps tendon rupture.

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