Adelaide Hand Surgery Procedures

The following video resources will help you to understand the surgical procedures that may be recommended by Adelaide hand surgeon Dr McLean.

Share them with your family and make sure to contact Dr McLean if you have any further questions.

Also read:

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

Video of an endoscopic carpal tunnel release via a single incision.  (Graphic - Contains Live Surgery)

Thumb Arthritis Surgery

LRTI Procedure showing ligament reconstruction at the base of the thumb. Treatment for thumb basilar arthritis. (Graphic - Contains Live Surgery)

Hand Tendon Repair

Video of an FiberLoop® Suture for tendon repair in the hand.    (Graphic - Contains Live Surgery)


Thumb Metacarpal Arthritis Repair

Animation of the procedure to remove the affected bone at the thumb base and repairing the joint with Arthrex® CMC Mini TightRope®

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