Adelaide Shoulder Surgery Procedures

Shoulder Surgery Videos

The following video resources will help you to understand the surgical procedures that may be recommended by Adelaide shoulder surgeon Dr McLean.

Share them with your family and make sure to contact Dr McLean if you have any further questions.

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AC Joint Repair with Arthrex® Dog Bone™

AC Joint Repair with Arthrex® Dog Bone™ provides anatomic restoration for AC joint injuries using minimally invasive surgery.


AC Joint Reconstruction With Tightrope

This animation shows a shoulder reconstruction to treat AC joint separation and dislocation. The AC Tightrope technique provides a simple, minimally invasive technique for acute AC joint stabilisation.


Knotless Shoulder Labral Repair with Arthrex® PushLock

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery for SLAP tears. Shoulder cartilage is re-anchored to the bone using screw in anchors.


Shoulder Instability Surgery with Bone Graft

Animation of the Latarjet procedure for treating persistent shoulder instability.


Knotless Rotator Cuff Repair with Arthrex® SpeedFix™

Minimally invasive arthroscopic shoulder surgery for treating rotator cuff tear injuries

Speed Bridge Rotator Cuff repair

The SpeedBridge™ rotator cuff repair maximises contact between the torn tendon and bone.  Watch the animation of this minimally invasive shoulder surgery technique.


Humerus (Shoulder) Fracture Repair

This animation shows a shoulder fracture repair with rotator cuff stabilisation. This shoulder reconstruction surgery makes use of an Arthrex® SuturePlate™.


Total Shoulder Replacement (Anatomical)

This animation shows a the steps involved in an anatomical shoulder replacement surgery.


Subpectoral Biceps Tenodesis Using Cortical Buttons

See how the BicepsButton™ is used for treating subpectoral proximal biceps tenodesis. This is a simple, reliable and biomechanically stable repair of the long head of the biceps.

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