Compartment Syndrome

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Compartment syndrome occurs when pressure in the muscles builds to dangerous levels, which can decrease blood flow and prevent oxygen from reaching the nerve and muscle cells. It can be acute or chronic, and can result in permanent tissue injury.

Acute compartment syndrome is a medical emergency, and needs to be treated in a hospital as soon as possible. chronic compartment syndrome can often be treated through nonsurgical methods, including physical therapy and orthotic insoles. if conservative treatments fail, surgery may be recommended to open up the fascia (the layer enclosing the muscles) to allow more room for them to swell.

Dr James McLean provides consultation and various treatments for compartment syndrome and a wide variety of other hand and wrist conditions in his multiple practice locations in Adelaide. With his extensive experience in treating upper limb conditions, he works with his patients to create tailored treatment plans which yield the best possible outcomes for their injuries. Click here for more information on other conditions involving the shoulder, hand, wrist, and elbow which Dr James McLean has a special interest in treating.

To find out more about compartment syndrome or to book a consultation, contact Dr James McLean.

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