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Replantation is a surgical procedure used to reattach a part of the body which has been completely amputated. It is performed as an emergency procedure, and may not be possible if the detached body part is severely damaged.

Replantation is usually recommended if the surgeon expects that the reattached body part will work at least as well as a prosthetic would. If the surgeon knows that the body part will not work, will be painful, or will interfere with a patient’s activities significantly, they may instead recommend a prosthetic.

Replantation is generally followed by a long period of rehabilitation and recovery, which usually includes physical therapy and temporary bracing. This helps to keep the muscles functioning and minimises the formation of scar tissue.

Dr James McLean is equipped to provide replantation surgery and a wide variety of other hand and wrist treatments in his multiple practice locations in Adelaide. With his extensive experience in treating upper limb conditions, he works with his patients to create tailored treatment plans which yield the best possible outcomes for their injuries. Click here for more information on other conditions involving the shoulder, hand, wrist, and elbow which Dr James McLean has a special interest in treating.

To find out more about replantation or to book a consultation, contact Dr James McLean.

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