James Operates with Dr Tomas Smith in Hannover, Germany

This month, James took the opportunity to visit Dr Tomas Smith, a prominent Shoulder Surgeon practicing in Hannover, Germany. Dr Smith is the Head of the Schulter-, Knie- und Sportorthopädie Unit Medizinische Hochschule – Hannover. This Clinic is a part of the Specialist Orthopaedic Clinic of Annastift and contributes to the excellent national reputation of the institution with internationally-recognised research, development and teaching in the field of orthopaedics. It is also one of the first and largest orthopaedic university clinics in Germany and is considered one of the most prestigious and modern, specialized orthopaedic clinics in Germany.

This opportunity enabled James to participate in several shoulder joint replacement surgeries and trial equipment that is not currently available in Australia. Hopefully this will lead to new, state-of-the art equipment being made available for trial in Adelaide soon.