The British Elbow & Shoulder Society Annual Scientific Meeting

June, 2014

This month, James joined other sub-specialised orthopaedic shoulder surgeons from all over the United Kingdom at the British Elbow & Shoulder Society annual scientific meeting in Nottingham. This scientific meeting provides the opportunity for surgeons to meet and discuss current research outcomes, cutting edge techniques and surgical advances. The meeting combines lectures, case discussions, surgical workshops, cadaveric workshops and live surgical demonstrations. The meeting aims to keep surgeons up-to-date and enable them to learn new skills. Click here to find out more about the British Elbow & Shoulder Society

Since there are often only a few sub-specialised shoulder surgeons in practice per city (or even per country in some cases), surgeons often have to travel internationally to keep up-to-date with advances in surgical techniques and equipment. Meetings that include live surgical demonstrations are one way that surgeons remain up-to-date and learn new skills. Surgeries are performed in a normal operating theatre where audiovisual equipment is used to project the operation live to a lecture theatre. In this way, hundreds of interested surgeons can watch a single surgery at one time, without having to crowd into a small operating theatre and risk decontamination of the sterile operating field. To see an example of a live shoulder surgery seminar – click here.