James Helps Demonstrate Live Shoulder Surgery in Birmingham, United Kingdom

March, 2014

Live surgical seminars are one way that surgeons keep up-to-date and learn new skills. Surgeries are performed in a normal operating theatre, where audiovisual equipment is used to project the live operation to a lecture theatre full of interested surgeons. In this way, hundreds of surgeons can watch a single surgery at one time, without having to crowd into a small operating theatre and risk decontamination of the sterile operating field. To see an example of a live shoulder surgery seminar – Click here.

This month James helped Graham Tytherleigh-Strong demonstrate how to perform an arthroscopic knotted Bankart repair for the management of recurrent shoulder dislocations, at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital – Birmingham. This live surgical seminar was a good opportunity for shoulder surgeons from around the United Kingdom and Europe to meet and discuss developing techniques in arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

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