Distal Humerus Fractures (involving the elbow)

What are distal humerus fractures?

A distal humerus fracture is a break in the lower end of the upper arm bone (humerus), one of the three bones that come together to form the elbow joint. A fracture in this area can be very painful and make elbow motion difficult or impossible.

Most distal humerus fractures are caused by some type of high-energy event, such as receiving a direct blow to the elbow during a car collision. In those suffering from osteoporosis, a minor fall may be enough to cause a fracture.

Treatment for a distal humerus fracture usually involves surgery to restore the normal anatomy and motion of the elbow, but nonsurgical treatment may be possible if the bones involved in the fracture are not displaced.

Dr James McLean provides consultation and various treatments for distal humerus fractures and a wide variety of other elbow conditions in his multiple practice locations in Adelaide. With his extensive experience in treating upper limb conditions, he works with his patients to create tailored treatment plans which yield the best possible outcomes for their injuries. Click here for more information on other conditions involving the shoulder, hand, wrist, and elbow which Dr James McLean has a special interest in treating.

To find out more about distal humerus fractures involving the elbow or to book a consultation, contact Dr James McLean.

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